Chris Xiao

Aspiring Software Engineer

Chris Xiao

Aspiring Software Engineer


Auto-Decrypt Root Volumes with TPM2

With systemd-cryptenroll (part of systemd 248), auto-decrypting LUKS2 volumes is easier than ever.

June 17, 2021   linux

Yet Another Firefox Hardening Guide

My guide to improving security and privacy in Firefox without sacrificing convenience.

May 5, 2021   privacy software

Welcome to the Digital Dystopia

The current state of U.S. mass surveillance, its implications and why you should care.

June 21, 2019   privacy

#SwitchToLinux: How to Dual-boot

A step-by-step guide to dual-boot a Linux distro and Windows on a UEFI-based computer.

April 22, 2019   linux

#SwitchToLinux: My Journey to Linux

How I switched to Linux, and why you should too.

April 15, 2019   linux

Why is Docker so important?

What is Docker, and why should I care?

Dec. 30, 2018   devops