Chris Xiao

DevOps & Systems Engineer

Chris Xiao

DevOps & Systems Engineer

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Firefox Hardening Resources

Recommended resources for improving security and privacy in Firefox.

Nov 12, 2022   Privacy   Software  

Regarding the eSIM-only iPhone 14 models in the U.S.

A brief overview of eSIM, and my thoughts on the removal of the physical SIM slot on iPhone 14 models sold in the U.S.

Sep 7, 2022   Apple   Consumer Electronics  

My Preferred Smart Home Vendors

A non-exhaustive list of smart home devices that work well with Home Assistant

Why I Built My Smart Home with Home Assistant

The journey towards a smart home that puts privacy and local control first

Auto-Decrypt Root Volumes with TPM2

With systemd-cryptenroll, auto-decrypting LUKS2 volumes is easier than ever.

Jun 17, 2021   Linux  

#SwitchToLinux: How to Dual-boot

A step-by-step guide to dual-boot a Linux distro and Windows on a UEFI-based computer.

Apr 22, 2019   Linux  

#SwitchToLinux: My Journey to Linux

How I switched to Linux, and why you should too

Apr 15, 2019   Linux